Why Liverpool Need To Focus Their Wins in 2016/17

Regular readers will have noticed that this blog has gone very quiet in recent months. Sadly not because I have secured a writing or statto job somewhere, but because I’ve been too damn busy in the real world.

Anyway, after Liverpool recorded a 2-0 win over Watford in a relatively low key end of season contest, I noticed something about the number of wins that they’ve had this season so thought I’d pen a very quick post on why it’s worth thinking about ahead of next season.

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¿Benteke y Sturridge deberían jugar juntos?

Here’s the latest Spanish translation by James Hillyard (Twitter), and here’s the original version.

Un par de tuits de un compañero seguidor y estadista del Liverpool @natefc (Twitter y blog) lograron captar mi atención el domingo cuando los de Anfield cayeron 2-0 ante el Newcastle

öh yoü beaüty @natefc

Benteke y Firmino salen del campo después de haber tenido 1 pase combinado entre los dos en una hora de juego.

öh yoü beaüty @natefc

Goles cada 90 mins con Benteke como titular: 1.12 (403 mins), goles cada 90 mins con Benteke entrando desde el banquillo: 3.24 (111 mins), goles cada 90 mins sin Benteke: 1.91 (566 mins)

Estas estadísticas no se ven bien y tampoco muestran el impacto que tiene Benteke cuando arranca de titular (aunque con/sin estadísticas generalmente no dependen de solo un jugador) o de su juego asociado, si así se le puede llamar a un pase en una hora, con Roberto Firmino.

Decidí encontrar ese pase, esa maldita curiosidad mórbida es mas fuerte que yo…

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Liverpool’s Chronic Lack Of Goals

I reviewed the stats from Liverpool’s disappointing 2-0 defeat at Leicester City, and I noticed that the Reds’ two shots on target were by Emre Can and Dejan Lovren.

Leaving aside the damning indictment that this fact makes on the performance of Liverpool’s forward players in this match, my immediate thought was “no wonder we didn’t score, those two only have one league goal between them”.

The problem for Jürgen Klopp is that these two are far from an isolated case.

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Comparación: Pelotas Paradas del Liverpool vs los del Dortmund

Here’s the latest Spanish translation by James Hillyard (Twitter), and here’s the original version.

Jürgen Klopp solo ha sacado un punto de sus primeros dos partidos en Anfield y esto es básicamente debido a que se concedieron goles tardíos desde tiros libres del equipo opuesto en esos partidos. Pensé, entonces, que seria interesante ver como el Dortmund se manejo con situaciones de pelotas paradas para ver si la fortuna del Liverpool cambiara.

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Liverpool’s Set Piece Record in 2015/16

From an amateur’s point of view, it’s great that there are multiple websites that freely share football stats. They don’t always publish a simple list of what you want though; as Liverpool’s woes with defending set pieces continued at Carrow Road, fans want to know how the Reds compare to every other side in the Premier League when it comes to conceding from dead ball situations, but nowhere publishes a table of this information.

I’ve put in the hard yards over at whoscored.com, and gone through ten match previews to extract the data. Here’s what I found.

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Sturridge, Liverpool, and The Power Of The Through-Ball

Long-term readers will know that I like to collate which players link up to create chances for Liverpool. This season, I thought it would be interesting to also look at what type of chances they create. Before we get to that though, here’s a look at what the conversion rates are for different types of pass in the Premier League across the last six full seasons. The data is from WhoScored, and the pass types are sorted by subsequent shot conversion rate. 

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Analysis: Stoke 0 Liverpool 1

I wasn’t planning to do one of these for this match, but as there were some impressive stats from a very good Liverpool display I thought I would. The Reds played well in any context, but not least when considering the injuries they suffered both before and during the match.

There was a great line regarding this from Klopp at the end of his post-match interview on SKY. When asked about the games coming up with the horrendous injury list, he said “If we have eleven, we will fight”. They certainly fought well at Stoke, and here are a few key stats from the match.

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Liverpool’s Record at Attacking Corners

John Aldridge has been writing in the Liverpool Echo (here) about how poor the Reds are at corners.

“The situation with Liverpool corners and set-pieces in general has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous… from our own corners, we don’t look like we even know what we’re doing.”

Regular readers will know that this is exactly the sort of thing I like to look into, so here’s what I found.

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Should Benteke and Sturridge Play Together?

A couple of tweets from fellow Liverpool stathead @natefc (Twitter, blog) caught my eye on Sunday as the Reds slumped to a 2-0 defeat at Newcastle:

Those stats don’t make good reading for Benteke’s match impact when starting (though with/without stats are never really down to just one player) or his partnership, if one pass in an hour can be called that, with Roberto Firmino.

I decided to find the pass, out of morbid curiousity as much as anything…

To be fair, Ibe had a shot at the end of this sequence, so it wasn’t the worst pass of the match by any means (which is easily done when Liverpool misplaced more passes than in any league match for the last five years), but clearly the Reds need more from their front two if they choose to play one. In fairness, Firmino and Benteke exchanged seven passes in the previous league match against Swansea, though none lead to either of them having a shot at goal.

So based on the above stats, should Benteke’s role be limited to that of an impact substitute, or should he perhaps be given a chance up top alongside Daniel Sturridge?

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Analysis: Southampton 1 Liverpool 6

It’s always essential to remember that all shots are not equal; hence the proliferation of expected goal models across the blogosphere. But I’m sure Brendan Rodgers would have a wry smile at the stats from this match; I wrote here how the Reds had forty-seven shots (including seven on target from inside the box) in an earlier round of the competition against Carlisle, yet only scored once, but Liverpool had seven shots on target against Southampton and managed to score six.

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Analysis: Liverpool 1 Swansea City 0

I didn’t see this match, so this will be brief. Liverpool had a top-level performance at one end of the pitch, and a bad one at the other. Let’s cover the good first, and my observation on this was prompted by this tweet:

Having looked at the data for this for the period since August 2012, it’s clear how rare this is; Liverpool have done this just once a season in the last three years. Here’s a table of the matches in question, and I’ve ranked them by an additional stat, opposition shots in the box:

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Analysis: Are Liverpool Winning The Ball Higher Up The Pitch Under Klopp?

I’ve read and heard different opinions on this issue recently; for instance, Michael Cox wrote for Four Four Two (here) that Klopp’s influence is demonstrated by the fact that Liverpool completed more ball recoveries, interceptions and tackles in the opposition half in certain games under Klopp than they did in Brendan Rodgers’ last match.

Sean Rogers, speaking on The Anfield Wrap’s excellent Tuesday Review show (here, subscribers only) was quick to point out how Manchester City won the ball higher up the pitch than Liverpool did last weekend though, which most people would not have expected.

So has there been much of a shift this season since Jürgen Klopp took over from Brendan Rodgers?

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Analysis: Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4

Where to start with a result and performance like that? Fortunately there’s so many good stats to get our teeth into, that this should virtually write itself.

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Christian Benteke y algunos pensamientos filosóficos

Here’s the latest Spanish translation by James Hillyard (Twitter), and here’s the original version.

Escribí este artículo a principios de Septiembre, para la última edición del excelente We Are Liverpool, una revista para fanáticos. Mucho ha pasado en Anfield desde ese momento, pero con la vuelta de Benteke a los entrenamientos va a ser interesante ver si las estadísticas en este artículo siguen siendo relevantes bajo el mando de Jürgen Klopp.

Este tweet reciente de @WhoScored me llamo a atención mientras intentaba soportar otro fin de semana interminable de receso internacional:

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Comparing Liverpool’s Set Piece Record with Dortmund’s

Jürgen Klopp has taken just one point from his two league games at Anfield so far, and this is mainly due to conceding a late set piece goal in both matches. I thought it would therefore be interesting to see how Dortmund fared with dead ball situations to see if we can expect any change to his fortunes with Liverpool.

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Liverpool – Goles del banquillo desde 2008

It’s time for another Spanish translation by James Hillyard (Twitter); this week he’s taken a look at my article on Liverpool’s goalscoring subs, so many thanks to him for his efforts. His first translation, on Jurgen Klopp’s stats from Dortmund, can be read here.

Christian Benteke anoto el primer gol en la liga de la era Klopp vs Southampton en Anfield y así se convirtió en el mas reciente suplente en meter un gol para Liverpool. ¿Como le ha ido a los Rojos del banquillo desde el 2008 y al mismo tiempo como le fue a su nuevo D.T. en el Dortmund con suplentes anotando goles y dando asistencias?

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Jürgen Klopp: Análisis de estadísticas del Dortmund

Something new for the site – my articles translated into Spanish. James Hillyard (who you can find on Twitter here) is a freelance translator and Liverpool fan, and he approached me and asked if he could do this, and who was I to say no?! There will be more of these in due course, and all feedback will be gratefully received. If you’d like to read the English version of this article, it can be found here.

Ahora que Jürgen Klopp ha sido confirmado como D.T. de Liverpool, es tiempo de ver algunas estadísticas de su tiempo en Dortmund, para ver si sus equipos que ganaron campeonatos allí eran realmente así de buenos, o si su equipo en su última temporada era, realmente, así de malo.

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