John W Henry – Engaging The Fans (Part Two)

He’s at it again. Mr Henry must be starting to enjoy Twitter, though the tweets weren’t all from fans this time around. . . .

This time (on the 6th July 2011), he started with some stats (my kind of guy!):

Interesting: from Jan 22 pts per game: Chelsea 2.06, Man Utd 2.06, LFC 2.00 Everton 1.75, ManCity 1.73, Arsenal 1.56, Spurs 1.56

Goal differences from Jan 22: LFC +19, Chelsea +17, Man Utd +17, ManCity +9, Everton +8, Arsenal +6, Spurs +3.

Certainly makes for impressive reading. But how did the Twitterverse respond?

AlanKingjnr: Hi John, it wil be harder this year as in my opinion utd have massively strengthened and city will be stronger

JWH: No doubt about it, Alan, they aren’t making it any easier. But we never thought anything here would come easily.

garethjohnstone: this is your 1st opportunity to back the club with transfer funds jwh. How are you finding? Easier or harder than exp’td?

JWH: Second, Gareth. We didn’t know what to expect in January. The fireworks were at the end. This time we’re trying to be…

georgio11: I find it great that you look into stats like these right in the middle of the MLB season.Great job so far,please continue

JWH: George, it’s just an indication of the potential despite crucial injuries down the stretch

WeltSchmertz7: I always defend LFC from outsiders’ critique, but some truth in comments that LFC were playing without the burden of pressure.

JWH: Seldom any pressure with the club!?

the15th: (re initial stats tweet) exactly John, why couldn’t you have got a move on and bought us last summer? ha

chimp_phil (replying to @the15th):  cos then we wouldn’t have had the comedy of the ‘epic swindle’. 😉

JWH: Tragicomedy. Glad that’s over. Oh wait a minute, there’ll be another suit no doubt over the milk

1Walid1: the season doesnt start in January

JWH: Thank God

michieldehoog: apart from @SwissRamble, do you have other football reading recommendations?

JWH: How about ?

He finished with my personal favourite response…..

keane161: well done but what trophy did you win? You american scouse prick?

JWH: best looking owner?


Once again, nicely handled Mr H. Now, how about some transfer gossip or stadium info. . . .

Please check out my other articles, a list of which can be found here, or if you want to read John W Henry’s first Twitter Q & A, it’s here.


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