How Many League Goals Can Suárez Score in 2013/14?

At the time of setting this page up, Luis Suárez has scored fifteen league goals in 2013/14 after just ten appearances.

This is a truly remarkable goal scoring return. Last season he took twenty matches to score fifteen goals, and even more notable is that he only scored fifteen league goals in the season-and-a-half prior to Brendan Rodgers taking charge at Anfield.

His record inspired me to create this page, in order to monitor his progress this season. The below table will be updated after every match, so that we can see how the forecast fluctuates as the season progresses.

The forecast is calculated by multiplying his Shots Per Game average for the season so far by the number of Remaining Games, in order to determine how many Future Shots he has left this season.

This figure is then multiplied by his Shot Conversion for the season so far, to give a prediction of how many Future Goals he will score, and this is then added to his Total Goals so far to give the Season Total forecast. Obviously this total will be affected each game, especially if he suffers any injuries (or more likely suspensions!) so it will be interesting to see how the tally changes as the season goes on.

Suarez ForecastLuis Suárez has scored twenty-nine league goals so far; he may finish with thirty-three. Good luck, Luis!

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19 thoughts on “How Many League Goals Can Suárez Score in 2013/14?

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  8. Thanks. To be honest, I thought his Sc% would be higher than 50%. 46.8% don’t seem unreal, but it is high. Hope Suarez will be able to maintain his current scoring rate.

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