Analysis: Arsenal 0 Liverpool 0


Arsenal and Liverpool played out a very entertaining 0-0 draw on Monday night, though there was enough goal mouth action to have seen any number of goals.

Nobody would consider Coutinho and Benteke as a forward partnership in the conventional sense, but as the Reds created a very healthy twelve chances at The Emirates, I want to take a quick look at how the two attackers linked up in this game, and across the season so far.

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Analysis: Liverpool 1 Bournemouth 0


One of the things I thought I’d monitor this season is which players top the rankings for various stats in each Premier League match. Against Bournemouth, Coutinho became the first player in 2015/16 to have eight shots in a game.

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Analysis: Stoke 0 Liverpool 1


I will not be able to dedicate as much time to this blog in future as I used to, so my aim this season is to do a quick post for every match, rather than the longer articles which take too much time to research and write. These will often be just one or two things that I’ve noticed, and rarely in-depth, but hopefully I’ll spot something that you didn’t, or provide a little context to something that you did.

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Liverpool FC: 2015/16 Pre-Season Stats Review

Liverpool wrapped up their pre-season campaign with a 2-1 win over Swindon Town on Sunday, which featured a ‘debut’ goal by Christian Benteke. I thought I’d take a quick look at which Reds have created chances or had a shot most frequently in the last five matches of the summer.

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Liverpool FC 2014/15 Appearance Data


Confession time: I started writing this up ages ago, but forgot to complete it. I still think you can tell a lot about a team’s campaign when you look at their appearance and minutes played data though, so I figured it was still worth posting. Here are the facts and figures for Liverpool in 2014/15, along with a comparison of how many minutes the main men played compared to last season.

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The Truth About Benteke and Crosses

Normally when Liverpool sign (or are heavily linked) to a player, I take a look at their stats from the previous season, to see what the numbers suggest the new boy might bring to the Reds in the coming campaign.

With Christian Benteke however, there is one major point of interest, thanks to this interview with his manager Tim Sherwood, which included the following:

Sherwood has also noted that Liverpool’s number of crosses this season – 409 – is the lowest in the top division. “We cross more balls into the box than any other club in the league and Christian has said that he feeds off crosses,” Sherwood said. “There’s no point going to a club where they don’t cross the ball.”

Despite the fact that Sherwood is obviously keen to hang on to the Belgian striker, and also that ‘Tactics Tim’ is a figure of fun for Liverpool fans for 99% of the time, Kopites (or at least those disinterested with the notion of signing Benteke for £32.5m) have taken his comments to heart; do a search for ‘Benteke crosses’ on Twitter, and you’ll find plenty of tweets along those lines from pundits and Liverpool fans alike:

You get the idea, and whilst it is true that Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool cross less often than every other team in the Premier League, a little dig deeper reveals some very interesting facts.

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Nathaniel Clyne: 2014/15 Stats Review


I took an in-depth look at Roberto Firmino (here) last Monday; now Liverpool’s new £12.5m right-back comes under the Bass Tuned To Red microscope. The former Southampton player (and there’s a heavily used phrase on Liverpool blogs these days) may not necessarily have impressive raw numbers, but factoring in location yields some interesting results.

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Roberto Firmino: 2014/15 Stats Review

Roberto Firmino

There’s no doubt who Liverpool’s most highly rated signing so far this summer is; Hoffenheim’s Brazilian attacker Roberto Firmino. As is customary around here, I’ve taken a look at his stats from last season to see what we can learn about him, and what he might contribute in the Premier League next season. Continue reading

Steven Gerrard: Injury Record and Career Stats

If you ever want to know which of your club’s players are injured, or when they are due back, then will have the answer.  As Steven Gerrard is preparing for his final Liverpool game, the good folks at Physioroom have provided me with this infographic to share with you. It’s fascinating stuff, and shows how the captain has put his body on the line for Liverpool.

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The Importance Of Beating The Bottom Eight

Liverpool squeezed past Queens Park Rangers 2-1 at Anfield on Saturday, thanks to an 87th minute header by Steven Gerrard. In most seasons a match like this would be soon forgotten, but in 2014/15 such a result has proved relatively rare. I’m talking about a home win against a team in the Premier League’s bottom eight, and the below table shows how important a good record in these games can be.

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Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0: Chance Combinations

As I’ve recently had some positive feedback for my chance creation combinations work, I’m contemplating writing a piece on each match next season, rather than posting the figures for the whole season as I have been doing in this campaign. This is therefore very much a pilot, and all feedback will be gratefully received in the comments selection below.

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What’s A Reasonable Points Target For Rodgers?

The Reds have suffered defeats in their past two matches, and as anyone would have predicted, ‘Rodgers Out’ tweets were not too far behind. 2013/14 was a remarkable season, with this one broadly acceptable (but more on that below) and so I’m happy for Brendan Rodgers to continue as manager next season. The recent results have made me ponder what an acceptable points tally would be this season though. I was comparing Liverpool’s points total so far this season with previous campaigns and spotted the following:

The Reds are on target to match the club average for a Premier League season this year, but what if we look at longer time-frames? One season isn’t a very large sample, after all. Continue reading

The Truth About Sterling’s Stats

As the Raheem Sterling contract saga rumbles interminably on, the following tweet appeared in my timeline on Wednesday night.

The stats here are undoubtedly impressive, not least for a 20 year old playing in a team that has struggled to get close to the heights of 2013/14. They don’t take any account of how much time Sterling has spent on the pitch though, so I’ve taken a closer look by factoring that information in.

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Brendan Rodgers’ Goalscoring Low

As a regular listener of the excellent The Anfield Wrap podcasts (and seriously, check out The Tuesday Review), it’s very clear to me what is currently bothering host Neil Atkinson; Liverpool aren’t creating enough chances, and Liverpool aren’t scoring enough goals.

This obviously seems strange and unusual when they scored 101 (mostly great) goals in 2013/14, but it’s certainly the case right now. One of the many things I keep an eye on is how many points and goals both for and against Liverpool have accrued over their previous thirty-eight league games, and a recent TAW-inspired look at the figures hammered home what Neil is talking about.

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A Closer Look At Liverpool’s Chance Creation Combinations

I recently received some compliments for my chance creation combination work (with specific regard to this season’s figures, which you can see here) so I thought I’d dig a little deeper and expand upon the data for the most frequent link ups to see which duos have actually been the most potent in 2014/15.

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Race For The Top Four: An Analysis

Top 4 mini-league

I recently appeared on an Anfield Index Analytics podcast (which you can listen to here) in which host Dan Kennett and I ran through the pros and cons of the five contenders who are aiming for a third or fourth placed finish in the Premier League this season. As there is only one third of 2014/15 now remaining, I thought I’d share the stats and my thoughts here.

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Liverpool’s Penalty Record Without Gerrard


Steven Gerrard became Liverpool’s joint-fifth top all time scorer on Tuesday night, with 183 goals, when he converted a penalty against Spurs at Anfield. Now that he is injured, who should take any penalties that the Reds are awarded? I’ve taken a quick look at Liverpool’s recent penalty record excluding Gerrard, and it does not make for pretty reading.
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Danny Ings: Why Liverpool Are Interested


Although no deal has as yet been confirmed, Liverpool are clearly looking to bring in Danny Ings from Burnley in the summer when his contract expires. As usual, I thought I’d take a look at his stats, and having done so I can definitely see why he would appeal to Brendan Rodgers.

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